New service for Travelling Parents

You don't want to travel or clutter up with your baby's equipment
Rent your stroller or baby travel bed with our on-site service.

Renting your baby gear on a trip or trip has never been easier.
 When booking our driver will bring with him all the equipment you want when you are taken care of and he will resume on your return journey. If we are not able to bring with us, then we will deliver it to you for free, this is our guarantee! In resumes, we do not charge additional delivery fees.
Please note that the rental of baby equipment is only available for round-trip transfers to the Paris metropolitan areas and the Paris region. If you are not sure that we are serving your area, if it weaves us an email before you place your order for your baby's material location.
Our children's and babies' equipment is also available for purchase contact us by email.

"Please note that renting equipment for children or babies is a service in part.
Of course, our vehicles are already equipped with a car seat or baby seat adapted to your request."

For any request to rent baby equipment please specify at the time of the order the choice of equipment
° Total number of days wanted to rent
° The type of hardware
so we can send you our best offer